Monday, May 20, 2002

The End Of The X-Files

Last night, Fox aired the series finale of The X-Files. Hopefully, this will also mean the end of silly X-File lead-ins to local news on Fox network affiliates.

I have always loved the show, although I haven't been a regular viewer for years and have been told that the show hasn't had the same quality or flair as the early episodes. Still, I made a point of seeing the finale to the series, especially hopeful to see some of the conspiracy mythology explained. (More devoted viewers can tell me how much has been explained in other episodes this season.)

Now, does anyone have thoughts about the ending? Mulder opening up to God, maybe even Christ? I haven't seen enough of the show recently to evaluate this ending in context. But it is an interesting way to end it, as most people generally assume that proof of intelligent extra-terrestial life would mean the death of religion and faith. Here's one way of answering no.

In some ways it reminds me of a science fiction book, called The Sparrow, that a friend once recommended to me. As he described it, the story line is about a Jesuit mission to an alien planet. Now, I have never read the book, so I can't speak to its contents or its description of the Church or God. (If any readers have and want to comment on the book, email me.)

I doubt seriously the possibility of there being alien life. But if it does exist, I am certain the Catholic Church will be one of the few institutions that will be unshaken and capable of confronting the ramifications.


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