Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Feedback Update

I want to thank the two readers who took the time to email me their comments on Integrity. Although two isn't a great sample, they are the ones who responded. Both had the same basic comment: they visit for the reflections on CFL and wish they were posted with greater frequency. Everything else is just trimmings. I have been hoping to establish a more regular schedule for the reflections, but they simply take more time to prepare. One difficulty I struggle with is in choosing how much of the text to cover in a single reflection. Too little and we will have five reflections all on the same topic. Too much and the post goes on for pages. It's a balancing act I'm still learning to do right, but you can expect to see a greater percentage of the total posts being about CFL.

Think these readers are off-base? Love the Today's Lay Saint feature instead and want to see that expanded? Well, jump to this post and send me an email with your answers to some or all of the questions. This is your shot to impact the direction of this blog.

Regular programming will resume tomorrow.


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