Saturday, May 18, 2002

A Good Movie

Okay, back from the movie and my errands. If you plan on seeing Star Wars this weekend, do yourself a favor and purchase your tickets like I did, using one of the on-line ticket services like Fandango. I wen't to the 9:30AM showing at the digital projection theater in downtown Chicago and the show was packed! When I came out, the line for the 12:30 showing was all the way around the block. Not a problem for me though, as I skipped the line and printed my ticket out at the Fandango kiosk.

I know the critics have been mixed at best about the movie. Ignore them. It was a thoroughly enjoyable film. Sometimes, I think the critics forget that Star Wars was never meant to be Shakespeare and that each movie is just an episode in an ongoing serial. Besides, I think most critics can be plopped into one of three categories: (1) those who hate sci-fi/fantasy and will never give a film of that genre a good review; (2) those who loved the earlier films and have built them up in their minds to mythic proportions that defy reality; and (3) those who hate that this film will make a half billion dollars despite what they have to say about the film.

I will keep my comments limited so I won't spoil the experience for anyone. Suffice it to say, the film is a thousand times better than Phantom Menance. It's still Star Wars style acting and dialogue -- remember this is Lucas who thinks the dialogue can be best described as part of the soundtrack --, but it is better. It has some great action scenes and some very funny moments.

That said, I don't know if I would take young kids to see it. It isn't as dark or scary as Lord of the Rings, but there are a few scenes meant to show you that Anakin has already started to slip towards the Dark Side of the Force. Overall, Anakin is still a hero in this film, so I would worry that some kids might not pick up on the fact that he does a few things in this film that are most certainly wrong.


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