Tuesday, May 28, 2002

The Half-Way Point And Feedback

We have reached the half-way point in our reflections on CFL. I think it is a good time to pause and evaluate how things have gone so far.

To do that, I need your feedback. From the start, I understood that Integrity, with its unique purpose and focus on examining CFL, would have a very different life than most others at St. Blog's. My readership is lower. I don't receive much reader email (if any). Part of that comes with the territory of not making the typical use of the blogging medium to deconstruct newspaper articles and post daily complaints.

Although I don't intend to scrap the current format, I would like some input on whether it needs to be tweaked. If you would, please send me an email. Some things I would like to know:

  • How often do you visit? (1st time, daily, several times a week, weekly.)
  • If you are a repeat visitor, what brings you back? (CFL reflections, Today's Lay Saint, other.)
  • Do you find the CFL reflections helpful? Are they too long? Are they not frequent enough?
  • Do you read CFL itself or just the reflections?
  • Do you like the Today's Lay Saint feature? Would you like more information about the saint rather than just a link to it?
  • What papal documents would you like to see explored after CFL? (Some possibilities: Centesimus Annus, Laborem Exorcens, Fides et Ratio.)
  • Any other comments.
  • Also, if you regularly visit this blog and find it a nice respite from "all scandal news, all the time", please pass on the word to others. You can conveniently send emails about Integrity by using the form that appears in the left-hand grey column.


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