Thursday, May 23, 2002

New Link And Goodnight

Most people find Integrity through one of two or three portals. So when Man Bites Blog appeared in the list of referral sites, I had to check it out. Now how could I not like a Blog that combines two things I love: the Church and sports. (I have to agree with his assessment that the Wings-Avs series is shaping up to be a classic. Of course, as a true Detroiter, that is as close as you will ever catch me saying something nice about the Avs.) Plus, John seems to share some of my concerns for prudence in use of the blogging medium and some of my distaste for what I have dubbed the "culture of complaint" that one finds among many orthodox Catholics. Check him out. And, John, I'm not a member of the parish council, but consider yourself part of St. Blog's now, for better or worse.

That's all for today, folks. Check back tomorrow for another installment on CFL. (Maybe even two.)


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