Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Not To Rake Him Over The Coals, But ...

I have to disagree with Michael Dubruiel's defense of his post about the rumors about an American Cardinal. His post was more than a mere mention of what he heard on the radio. (See Mallon's Media for an example of that.) He went on to suggest that he knows who this alleged Cardinal is, adding to the gossip.

And for what purpose? If it is something that the public should know about, why does he choose to wait until others publicly mention his name? If he doesn't feel comfortable identifying him why does he feel comfortable in helping propogate the rumor? Maybe some do "wish to remain blind [to] the problems that exist and just wish it would all go away" -- although I don't think that describes most members of St. Blog's ---, but some seem to like to play the "secret" game, letting people know they have one and hinting at its juiciness.

Again, I don't want to harp on it, because I find Michael's blog ordinarily to be excellent and worth reading. And his comment was a subtle one versus what is being said on some message boards. I just take issue with his decision and believe it was the wrong way to go about it, even if what he suggests he knows is true. I'm glad he prays for the Church and the Cardinal he joins in accusing anonymously. I don't think that's relevant to the question of whether his post was the right thing to do, though.


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