Thursday, May 23, 2002

Of Course, She's Wrong

Amy and her husband have tag-teamed in defense of her husband's post earlier this week on rumors that a Cardinal is an active homosexual. I don't intend to post on this subject after this, but -- at least as far as the criticism I levied -- she and her husband's defender have got it wrong.

I don't deny the possibility that the rumors are true or that they could have serious consequences for the Church (e.g., blackmail) if true. And I didn't criticize Michael so much for reporting what he heard on the radio, but for his comment that he knows the Cardinal's identity. (Scroll down and look for yourself.) Besides, the reader of her husband's blog makes my point for me when he says:

"but until and unless someone has direct knowledge of this situation, *and is willing to put his name to the accusation*, I will not publish anything naming this cardinal, nor will any responsible journalist."
My point is that this standard should apply to blogs too and not mentioning the alleged cardinal's name doesn't seem to me to be a legitimate work-around. Again, if it is something that the public should know about, why wait until others publicly mention his name? If people aren't comfortable identifying him why are they comfortable in helping propogate the rumor? Also, what about the reputations of the twelve other men implicated by this rumor because they too are Cardinals?


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