Monday, May 20, 2002

Our Role In Formation Of Priests

Mark Shea posted a report from Rod Dreher about a parish in Texas. In it, Rod summarizes a bit of the priest's homily, which makes an excellent point for the laity:

"He preached about how John Paul II was formed in sanctity by his own father, and by the good example and loving care of holy laymen throughout his early life. His point was that the laity was absolutely key to the making of our sainted pope's character, and that we in the congregation should understand that we too are the Church, and responsible for living and teaching sanctity. He said that in this time of terrible scandal for the Church, we shouldn't look to the bishops and the clergy to lead us out of the mess. If they do, that's great, but we mustn't despair and forget that the Holy Spirit is calling us to do our part to restore holiness and righteousness to the Body of Christ."
A great reminder. So often we look to priests to be our role models and teachers in the faith. We forget that we are theirs too.


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