Friday, May 31, 2002

Pretty Glum, Huh?

Just re-read that last post. Boy, pretty glum. I don't deny still feeling the post reflects some of my mellowing with respect to the blogging phenomenon, but it sure reads like a downer. Nothing like a 7-0 victory for my Wings to put a good spin back on things. I do have an idea and, with the help of readers, I hope it will work. As soon as YACCS lets me create an account -- how fast do you have to be to be one of the magic 25? -- I am going to add a comments function. That said, here's the ground rule: I only want comments on the reflections. Hopefully, this might add some of the interactivity I was hoping for when I originally started Integrity. (I know, I seem to refuse to make the ordinary use of any of these blogging technologies.) Emailing me your reflections might be too involved, but I'm hoping posting a quick insight won't be.

I'm not a huge fan of comments sections, but I am hopeful that the readers of Integrity will use the feature with the spirit I have intended and won't turn Integrity into a graffiti wall. If that happens, of course, I reserve the right to kill the feature. And edit posts. (Although, I only plan to do that if the posts having nothing to do with the reflections or are offensive.)


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