Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Responses To My Dangers Of Blogging Post

A few other bloggers (Minute Particulars, Nota Bene, and the Goliard Blog) have commented recently on my "dangers of blogging" post.

Kevin James of the Goliard Blog thinks my argument about the risks of blogging is overdrawn. He may well be right. I've posted several times on the topic and some might think that I see the problem as something extremely serious and pervasive. For the most part I don't, at least not in our Catholic nook of the blogosphere. Maybe I should have entitled the post, "The Potential Dangers of Blogging." But then I wouldn't have been conveying that the problem isn't merely theoretical.

Kevin rightly notes that the market will help correct bad behavior by ignoring a blogger's site or providing feedback via emails and posts on other blog sites. But in addition to the self-correction of the blogosphere, self-correction and self-restraint by bloggers is needed. (And I'm happy to say we have seen examples of both of these, too.) I don't buy the "change the channel" argument from the entertainment industry when they try and shove all responsibility for the decisions of what they release onto the viewing public. I don't see why the rules should be different in the blogosphere. It is the very principle imbedded in the "disclaimer" on Mark's site that I take issue with: every thought shouldn't be published. (Note to Mark: I recognize your blog description was probably chosen as a clever quip, nothing more.) Blog 'em like you see 'em is fine by me. Blog 'em like you feel 'em is where I have some reservations.


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