Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Strange Events In Chicago

I usually don't post news links, but two strange events happened in Chicago yesterday.

First, some woman drove through a restaurant in the loop right across from St. Peter's, the Franciscan operated shrine in downtown Chicago. At least it explains the helicopters that were hovering downtown yesterday. The article reports that the woman says, "her foot got stuck on her accelerator pedal, causing the accident". All I will say is that lunchtime traffic is heavy enough that the cars hardly can be described as "accelerating" and that you really need to yank that wheel to hit that store as it is right in the middle of the block on a one way street, not at a corner.

Second, this morning there are reports of another shooting on the South Side. One of the victims: an unborn (at the time) child. "'The baby hasn't even been born, and he's already been shot,' police spokesman Pat Camden said at a news conference Tuesday night."What a welcome to the world. The police have said that the shooting "appears to be domestic related. ... as the shooter was waiting in the area."

(Links are to the Chicago Tribune. Stories are on their main site right now, but will be behind their free registration firewall at some point, I'm sure.)


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