Friday, May 17, 2002

Today's Lay Saint

Today's lay saint is Bl. Emeric, a prince of Hungary. You can learn some more about him over here. His father was the first king of Hungary and also a saint, St. Stephen. St. Stephen passed along this bit of advice, known as "Az Atyai Tíz Parancsolat", or "The Paternal Ten Commandments", to his son who would have been king but for his untimely death:

"1. Live your religion
2. Respect the Church
3. Honor the Bishops
4. Respect the positions and persons in government
5. Be patient and make best judgements
6. Be cordial toward foreigners
7. Accept good advice
8. Use the wisdom and experience of your ancestors
9. Possess the habit of prayer
10. Perform good deeds"


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