Tuesday, June 18, 2002

I Had Better Be Careful

Those who read Integrity carefully are probably aware that I make my fair share of typos and grammatical errors, but try to correct those I discover. (One of the problems of being someone who writes what he hears.) Well, there's a new watch dog on the prowl in St. Blog's, Nihil Obstat, standing ready to correct the rest of us when we slip up. I sure hope N.O. has some better hobbies. Although I'm all for proofreading, you would think N.O. would cut people some slack until Blogger comes with a built-in spell-checking feature. Setting aside the fact that the Catholic concept of nihil obstat generally refers to not having objections to a text for reasons of greater importance than spellling, does anyone else find it amusing that dear N.O. refers to himself as the "official" proofreader of St. Blog's? Did I miss a meeting of the parish council?


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