Sunday, July 28, 2002

Bzz! Wrong Answer, Nihil Obstat!

Once again, it appears N.O. has tired of limiting his posts to comments on the spelling and grammar errors of St. Blog's members. Now, apparently N.O. is in charge of defining the proper use of the blogging medium. Sorry, N.O., but dozens of posts every day is not the defining characteristic of blogs. If you knew some of the pre-history to the Blogger era of the phenomenon, you would realize that there is nothing wrong with long gaps in between posts.

But N.O. doesn't stop there. In another post, we are treated to this bit of silly reasoning: "Your arguments cannot be taken seriously if your writing is constantly marred by errors." I would buy that if N.O. was talking about errors in logic or reasoning. But to suggest that one can reject an argument because the person didn't correctly spell all of the words or made the incorrect use of an apostrophe is elitist and wrong. It strikes me as akin to those who reject the arguments of a Republican because they come from a Republican. That an argument may be more persuasive when presented properly is understandable; that it cannot be taken seriously unless it passes N.O.'s review is laughable. N.O., there is a big difference between being smart and being wise. You seem to side with those who favor being smart.


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