Monday, July 22, 2002

Whoa! Is That A New Post?!

Yes, loyal reader, it is. I checked the stats counter just before signing into Blogger. I was amazed. Despite my not posting anything of substance for over a month, a good number of you still drop by each day to see if there is anything new on Integrity.

Thanks for your patience. Over the past month, I've been out of pocket due to vacations, weddings and commitments at work. (And your general desire to spend the summer somewhere other than in front of a computer.) But now I'm back and ready to continue our reflections on CFL. I will be posting a new one tomorrow. And more later this week. If you are another blogger in St. Blog's, I would appreciate it if you would post on your site letting people know Integrity is back in business. That said, I have decided that I'm returning to to a "no frills" concept for the site. As much as I like the Daily Lay Saint and other features, the primary purpose of all this always has been to discuss CFL. Until I can figure out a way to maintain the site that is less time consuming, we will just stick to the basics.

Update: Yeah, I know. I said I would have another reflection up sometime on Tuesday. Yet no reflection. What can I say? I ended up working through much of the night on Tuesday, fell dead asleep after getting home from work yesterday, and it looks like I will be working straight through the night again today. So, despite my best intentions, no reflection yet. You will forgive me if I just wait until the weekend (which I am going to have to work a good portion of) as I am probably going to be crashing by the end of tomorrow.


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