Monday, August 05, 2002

Is It Even Worth My Time?

It seems that Nihil Obstat has egg-shell thin skin. Let me be very open about my opinion of Nihil Obstat's site. I don't like it. I know blogging tends to gravitate towards nitpicking of the work of others and deconstruction of their arguments. But N.O.'s site is silly. The author is living in a dream world where one's credibility is determined by the ratio of misspellings to words typed. Why N.O. spends his time criticizing those who don't have a department of proofreaders and don't charge fees for their material, I don't know. (Who knows, maybe N.O. is busy sending letters off to publishing houses about their titles in between his blog posts.) Yes, I should just ignore his site. Fine, in the future I will do so.

But, what is up with N.O.'s recent slam on Integrity? I comment in a recent post that N.O. shouldn't think of himself as the guardian of "proper" blogging and that there are flaws in his reasoning that one can't take an argument seriously if it is delivered with a typo. His response? Literally, name calling! I'm a "fool". Then N.O. posts three errors he found digging through Integrity's posts. According to N.O., my blog is "misnamed" -- a cheap shot at my integrity that is left unexplained. Arguably, it would have been better to have said that my blog was "ill-named" or something to that effect. Which, of course, is what your blog is, N.O. -- at least within the context of Catholic tradition and the purpose behind the Church's use of the nihil obstat. Given N.O.'s logic, it doesn't surprise me that he offers no answer to my critique, but instead rejects it because there exists a handful of typos on this blog. And, of course, this comes from a blogger who is so full of integrity that he refuses to provide a means by which people can send him replies or comments about his blog.


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