Saturday, November 16, 2002

8 Mile

I just got back from the movies. Yes, I went to see 8 Mile. I know, some of you won't approve and may frown at my love for rap music. (My music tastes are very ecclectic and run the gamut.) Eminem's lyrics may be horrid at times, but there is no denying his skills. But I didn't go to see the film because of Eminem. I went because it was filmed in Detroit. Movies haven't been kind to Detroit, taking advantage of its woes and mythologizing it as hell on Earth. 8 Mile is far kinder, without denying the reality of Detroit's past and present. I wonder how many people who see the film won't understand the 313 and 810 references. (City and suburb area codes.) I've lived in both. Most won't recognize the lobby of the Penobscot (the WJLB scene), Intermezzo in Harmonie Park, or the Michigan Theater parking structure, which was the site of an impromptu battle. That was particularly cool to see in the film. I used to live right across the street from there! If you are interested in some of the archictecture and history of Detroit, check out the DetroitYES website. Go ahead, take one of DetroitYES's tours. You just might find yourself doubting what you ever knew about Detroit.


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