Monday, November 04, 2002

Making A Surprise Reappearance

Yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. I have returned to St. Blog's to make a few more posts (and then to slip back into hiatus for a while). First, let me say a thank you to the twenty or so loyal readers who visit Integrity each day. It is uplifting to know that, for whatever reason, a number of you in St. Blog's find enough value in what is posted here to keep checking in despite the lack of recent posts.

All that said, I'm making no promises that posts will now come with any greater frequency. Truth is, work is extremely busy right now (which is a good thing!) and I'm trying to become more involved in Chicago, which also means less time for blogging. Besides, a fair share of the appeal of St. Blog's has vanished; similar to realizing that a magazine you once read cover to cover upon its arrival no longer contains anything more than articles that you skim.

But Steve Mattson's recent practice homilies sparked a thought. (And Steve's homilies are good, by the way.) Reading them is a treat, both for their content and the unique opportunity to witness the development of a (future) priest's preaching skills. It occurred to me that future generations will be blessed by solid preaching on what the Church teaches. However, I have a challenge to all priests (present and future): take some time to read CFL and reflect on its message. I've begun to think that it may be more important for priests than laity to read CFL. In the end, I think, the priest's view of the vocation of the laity -- as expressed by his preaching, the way he treats his parishioners and the expression of the Gospel message he encourages -- may be the most significant determining factor for how the laity come to view themselves. There is no doubt that the whole Church will benefit from better preaching on what the Church teaches and why. But the problem of the laity isn't so much a lack of knowing what the Church teaches (although that is a problem); More, the problem with the laity is that they do not know who they are. Something to think about.


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