Wednesday, January 29, 2003

I Never Knew Daytime TV Was ...

I've been home sick the past two days. (Of course, with my job that doesn't mean the work stops.) It appears the party-favor of choice at a friend's Super Bowl party was a virus. Anyway, after my deal closed earlier today, I turned on the television to watch some tv and wandered over to the Discovery Channel's Perfect Partner. Can't say I have ever heard this on tv before. In describing one of her date's the woman said, "He was involved in a polygamous marriage. So this is interesting, I've never dated someone into polygamy before." Hello!!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

How Feminists Were Duped By Roe v. Wade

Many today will write about the tragedy of the many unborn children who lose their lives because of abortions. But there is another aspect to the abortion debate that has always puzzled me. I have never been able to understand how abortion rights became the sacred cow for feminism. It seems entirely antithetical given that at the heart of all that is uniquely female is the ability to give birth to new life. I have long maintained the opinion that the feminist movement was hoodwinked. Wanting society to recognize the equal dignity of women, somewhere someone secretly slipped the poison of abortion into feminist thought with the lie that it would be the final hurdle to achieving that hard-fought goal. In truth, abortion has always seemed to me a boom for male culture. At its core, abortion says this to women: if you want to have the same opportunities as men, then become like men. Don’t believe it? Ask some professional women you know whether anyone ever made comments about their pregnancies (multiple children – the outrage!) affecting their chances for promotion. (No, I’m not talking about the boss saying he won’t promote a mother. I’m talking about the peer culture, especially among other professional women.) Abortion allows the male culture of corporate America to not have to face challenges to its workaholic and anti-family choices – we live in the Nanny generation -- that would inherently result from truly allowing women as women to enter the arena.