Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Shutting Down Integrity

I've been thinking about this for some time now, and I think it is time to end Integrity. I know, some of you slyly will point out that not much will change then, seeing as I rarely post anymore as it is. I've long strayed from my original purpose in starting this blog -- an effort to look at ChristiFideles Laici and help highlight the full nature of the lay vocation. Although that still remains an interest of mine, I'm just no longer interested in posting analyses of paragraphs of that document. In part, because there never was any of the interaction I hoped the posts would generate; in part because the Pope does tend to take five pages to say what can be said in one.

But more than that, I've just concluded that my own spiritual life has deteriorated since starting this blog. Well, not since the beginning, but over the long haul. And I've got to do something about that. St. Blog's has a lot of great things going for it and I appreciate and have developed a kinship for many of its members. But at the same time, I suspect that the very thing that gave it birth -- reporting on what everyone calls The Situation -- will be its downfall. I suppose it is hard to avoid during these times, but I find myself among a minority concerned about the growing cynical attitude expressed around St. Blog's about bishops. Yes, it's alright for people to post how they are feeling. I understand that there are many who find that cathartic or that's how they process the day's events -- through their emotions. But I find it ironic to see many behave as they shouldn't in the very act of complaining about bishops behaving as they shouldn't. I'm well aware of the stress and suffering The Situation has caused for Catholics, and am willing to cut people slack. But among some -- especially certain priest-participants in St. Blog's -- it is just shocking at how dismissive they are about any possible need to rethink how they express their criticism of bishops. It is as if to do so is tantamount to saying criticism is not permitted.

But truly that's a bit of a digression. Certainly a factor, but not the overriding reason. (So, please, no posts below suggesting I'm overreacting or asking me to name names or any of that.) In the end, I think continuing to participate in St. Blog's is detrimental for me spiritually. I'm finding more of that culture of complaint I've talked about before. Maybe that's the inherent disadvantage of the medium. Blogs really are poor at facilitating common prayer -- at most you can post a prayer and prayer request and maybe people will respond in a comments section -- and original content tends to be far and between given the time it takes to generate and how few bloggers care to read posts that go on for screens as a magazine article would. So in the end we get analyses of news, which by its nature tends to be bad news. And in these times, people tend to react to bad news badly.

Okay, enough of my rambling. I'm sure many of you will think I'm in left-field on this one. I'll leave the blog up for the rest of the month to let anyone download copies of any posts they might want to review later on. After that, unless circumstances change, I'll be closing Integrity's doors.

Update: At the request of Chris of Veritas, I will leave up the site at the end of the month so the archives will be available (assuming blogspot doesn't take down the site) for those who want continued access to them. I'll just shut down the comments section.